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Today we have launched our latest paper on competition policy – which you can read here. When Coadec was founded in 2010, it was to support a growing ecosystem of businesses and innovators popping up around a small roundabout in Shoreditch, East London. Since that time, the tech startup community – not just in a […]
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Coadec has launched its latest report on the Open Banking ecosystem in the UK. The report offers new analysis on the size of the UK Open Banking ecosystem, finding that the ecosystem is worth more than £4.1 billion in the UK, with Open Banking firms raising over £886 million in 2022 alone. Regulation has propelled […]
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Today we are publishing our first report examining Wales’ startup ecosystem. The report uses in-depth interviews with startups to explore their experiences starting and scaling startups in Wales and what challenges they have faced.    The report identifies six central challenges for Welsh startups, including:   Investment: Startups wanted access to more diverse investment routes. […]
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We’ve published the results of a survey of over 250 UK startup founders asking for their thoughts on the changes to R&D tax credits announced in the November 2022 budget, which we estimate will lose startups between 30% and 40% of what they currently receive under the scheme. Since these changes were announced, we’ve heard […]
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The UK Government have been clear that they want the tech sector to be able to access the best talent worldwide, and has designed a visa system to make this work. There are now 10 visa routes open for talented people to make their careers in the UK and for startups to hire international talent. […]
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Today we’re co-launching a report outlining 25 steps the government can take to support the growth of climate-tech entrepreneurs – you can read it here. We produced this in collaboration with Tech Nation, techUK and  the Centre for Climate Change Innovation (CCCI), following discussions with over 100 leading climate startups. This summer, we held a […]
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Startups share the Government's goal of a safer internet. Today's founders have grown up in the shadow of the biggest social media platforms, and many startups were created explicitly because their creators wanted to offer...
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Today Coadec and The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) publish a plan to enable tech startups to turbocharge the UK’s economy. Our new manifesto sets out the levers the new Prime Minister can pull to make this happen. They aren’t exhaustive – but they are critical.  Tech startups have been the British economic success story of the […]
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Today, we have published a new report exploring the AI startup ecosystem. We look at what AI startups perceive as challenges to growth as well as what they want from future regulation. AI is set to be the definitive technology of the century, disrupting and reforming global economies. The UK already has an incredibly strong […]
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