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Access to Talent

Today we are publishing our first report examining Wales’ startup ecosystem. The report uses in-depth interviews with startups to explore their experiences starting and scaling startups in Wales and what challenges they have faced.    The report identifies six central challenges for Welsh startups, including:   Investment: Startups wanted access to more diverse investment routes. […]
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The UK Government have been clear that they want the tech sector to be able to access the best talent worldwide, and has designed a visa system to make this work. There are now 10 visa routes open for talented people to make their careers in the UK and for startups to hire international talent. […]
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Today Coadec and The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) publish a plan to enable tech startups to turbocharge the UK’s economy. Our new manifesto sets out the levers the new Prime Minister can pull to make this happen. They aren’t exhaustive – but they are critical.  Tech startups have been the British economic success story of the […]
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Over the past year, following input from start-ups, investors, local government policymakers and other members of the tech community, we’ve been exploring how local government can help to create a supportive environment for tech clusters to grow and scale. And now we’ve launched our guide for local government policymakers on how they can encourage the […]
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